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Data Protection


Company ECOGLASS, a.s. with its registered office at Arbesova 4501/66a, 46604 Jablonec  and Nisou, Czech Republic, entered into the Commercial Register at Regional Court Ústí nad Labem, Section B, file no. 2059, company registry no. 43223265 (hereinafter ‘Company’) provides in this document to its business partners and contact persons of the business partners (hereinafter ‘Subject’)  information on their personal data processing with respect to applicable legislation of data protection.

1) Identity and contact details of data administrator 

Administrator of personal data is the Company which can be contacted in the following manners:

2) Purpose(s) of personal data processing

Personal data are processed by the Company for the following purpose(s):

  1. Respecting and fulfilling contractual obligations.  
  2. Respecting and fulfilling legal obligations.
  3. Administration and realization of mutual business relations.
  4. Communication and sharing of information.
  5. Storing and administration of business contacts.
  6. Protection of legal claims and rights of the Company.

3) Basis for personal data processing

Basis for personal data processing by the Company is the following:

  1. Data of Subject are processed in order to fulfill contract between the Subject and the Company, or to evaluate and implement necessary steps before the contract is concluded.
  2. Data of Subject are processed in order to fulfill and comply with legal obligations of the Company.
  3. Data of Subject are processed in order to protect eligible interests of the Company, in particular development of Company business activities and protection of legal claims and rights of the Company in case of dispute.

4) Categories of concerned personal data

The Company processes personal data of its business partners when these are individuals. The Company also processes personal details of the Company’s employees, representatives or other contact persons of the Company’s business partners (in case the Company obtained such data) in order to fulfill its contractual obligations, provide its services as requested by business partners and in order to communicate efficiently with its business partners. 

The Company therefore processes following categories of personal data:

  1. Identification data
  2. Contact data
  3. Billing information and payments terms 

5) Receivers of personal data

Besides the Company, personal data may be shared with state authorities in order to fulfill and comply with legal obligations of the Company, with professional advisors of the Company (such as law and tax attorneys) and with other external entities providing services to the Company (such as IT specialists, interpreters). 

Personal data may be as well transferred to external sub-contractors of the Company in case these are required to provide their services in order to fulfill contractual obligations of the Company with the Subject.

6) Duration of personal data storage

Personal data will be stored for the full duration of mutual business relations with the Company and also after the termination of these relations for period of time necessary to protect the rights and eligible interests of the Company but no longer than 4 years after the termination.

7) Source of personal data

Personal data are collected directly from the subject, from contractual documentation concluded between the Company and the Subject, from public registers, lists and records or web sites. 

8) Rights of the Subject 

The Subject which personal information are processed by the Company has the following rights:

Jablonec nad Nisou23.5.2018

Mr. Jiří Kočárek

EcoGlass, a.s.