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Our production is equipped with new 3D scanning technology for complex evaluation of tools and products.


We have enlarged our production facility and extended our tool manufacturing capabilities by new CNC turning center.


We have extended our development and testing capacities with new light laboratory including new goniophotometer.


Inquiries for specific exterior lighting applications are more frequent, customers require lenses including optical design. EcoGlass invests into software tool for optical design and simulations and starts to produce lenses for LED applications.


New prototype pressing machine with high production output of small lenses LED matrix displays used in traffic information signs and variable traffic signs is developed and manufactured. Production of small lenses up to 20mm is maintained in serial deliveries. 


We have started production of small lenses for LED matrix displays used in traffic information signs and variable traffic signs. We significantly increase production of glass parts for airport lighting. New 3D measurement device with resolution of 2.5 microns have been purchased in order to improve inspection of tools and products. New CNC milling center is installed for tool manufacturing.


Production capacity is increased about 3times by installation of new pressing machines.


We have started deliveries of part for airfield lighting.


Company manufacturing activities were separated from purely commercial activities and company ownership structure has simplified. EcoGlass becomes company owned by single partner.


Quality management system according to ISO 9002 is implemented. Our light laboratory is equipped with precise goniophotometer for evaluation of photometrical parameters of headlamps and functional inspection of aspherical lenses.


We continue on further development of rain sensor by digitalizing its functions and implementing microprocessor control.  We have reached precision of molded parts at +/-0.005 mm.


Brown field manufacturing facility purchase previous year results in better organization of production. Further investments into production technology brings increase quality and precision of the products. We start production of parts from borosilicate glass types Duran (Pyrex).


We succeed in becoming major serial supplier for customers purchasing aspherical lenses from EcoGlass. Special glass dedicated for communication in IR range is developed. Such glass type is used for manufacturing of rain sensor and automatic wiper system for automotive industry.


We develop pressing machine for precision molding of glass parts. Production of molded aspherical lenses starts as well as glass paperweights using new production technology.


EcoGlass is established and entered in company registry. Main company activities are focused to research and development of glass composition, glass technology and technical advisory to main glass manufacturers in Czechoslovakia and abroad.  Company has 3 partners being the only employees of the company.